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Innovation Arena 2020

in association with
Enterprise Ireland, and the NPA

The Innovation Arena 2020 This year the Innovation Arena will be delivered in a new format due to Covid-19. So, we too are innovating to deliver the 10th Innovation Arena in a safe and efficient manner in these challenging times.

Unfortunately, the buzz of attending the Innovation Arena at National Ploughing will never be replicated in an online competition. What it will achieve though is recognition of innovative and entrepreneurial activity that is driving forward in this this country despite Covid-19. Many Enterprise Ireland companies have adjusted to deliver success, whether it has been developing important PPE, or ensuring that vital food and industry services remain open. This resilience in particularly evident in the Agri community.

The Innovation Arena in 2020 will remain be the ideal platform to demonstrate ground-breaking developments, whether they are farmer led inventions, commercial company innovations, or research focused solutions that have the potential to change the industry. to thousands of Innovation Arena visitors. In fact the Innovation Arena created initially by Alfie Cox, is now 10 years old! Enterprise Ireland is proud to be apart of this showcase of Agri-tech for the last 7 years.

Over the last 10 years, innovative products at the Innovation Arena from leading companies such as Dairymaster, Samco, Malone, Moocall, Herdwatch and Cross Engineering have gone on to receive global success. The beauty of this competition is the unearthing of unknown technology like Magrow with their novel spraying technology, last years winners of the Alfie Cox Trophy ‘The Cotter Crate’ with a new approach to sheep handling. There are far too many to mention, we will have a top ten for ten years of Innovation announced later this year.

The Innovation Arena receives extensive media coverage as the world looks to Ireland to lead innovation for the agriculture sector. This will be vital to companies in 2020 to promote new innovations, as nearly every trade fair and events have been postponed or cancelled. Enterprise Ireland along with National Ploughing Association will endeavour to reach all audiences to promote the Innovation Arena winners.

Innovators from the following industry sectors are encouraged to enter: dairy and dry-stock farming, horticulture, information and communication technology, cloud and mobile based software, animal health and genetics, water and waste management, environment and clean-tech, animal and farm management, farm safety and leading research. With a range of categories in which to enter, and a competition structure that supports Irish ingenuity at all levels, The Innovation Arena is the perfect place to launch your new innovations.

Companies Attending

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